What is Webhosting?

Web hosting is a type of service for Internet hosting which allow the customer and their company to access the website via the World Wide Web. Companies called webhosting companies provide space on a server that the customer either leases or owns. They provide internet connectivity in the data center. Web hosting companies can also provide space for data; connect to other servers located in the same data center, known as housing.

Types of Hosting:

Web hosting can vary greatly to basic web pages, small and large scale file hosting for (FTP) uploads and downloads. Personal web pages are basic web pages and for a Web hosting company a basic package. A site that is more complex could call for an advanced package that could offer application support for scripts which allow customers to used applications for content management and applications, database support, and use Secure Socket Layer a cryptographic protocol that security provides communication over the Internet. A web hosting company could provide a control panel or interface for installing scripts and managing the Web server. E-mail is provided to the customer for free or for a small fee depending on the size of the package is needed. Hosting companies can provide certain applications and services for certain software, having a specialist for certain software.